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- some of the greatest inventions


Whilst many thousands of inventions have gone unnoticed over the years, some changed the game of golf forever.

In this section we highlight the major steps in golf equipment development, including many timeless classics.

c1450 - 1895: The Early Years

The Victorian age saw golf transformed from an aristocratic pastime to a sport for the working man. Long-nose wooden clubs and feathery balls were replaced by bulger drivers and robust gutta-percha balls. The first golf club patent was granted as early as 1867....

1895- 1950: The Rise of Golf

Golf fever gripped the western world and the golf equipment industry was born. The rubber-core ball was invented before tee-pegs had become common, and metal shafts replaced their traditional hickory ancestors.


1950 - Present: The Scientific Era

With golf equipment manufacturers battling for mass market supremacy, their creative engineers applied technology to make the game more enjoyable for all players.



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