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OCT 2006 - APRIL 2007


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New Putter from Titleist


Abstract of EP1810720
A golf putter with a having a curved body and a high toe design is disclosed end claimed. The putter head includes a face member, which has a heel and a toe, and a body member. The body member is connected to and extends rearward from the face member. At least a portion of the body member is curved toward the heel of the club head. The face member preferably is angled such that the toe has a greater height than the heel. The body member may be similarly angled. The body member extends through the face member and forms at least a portion of a striking face of the club head.




July 2007
Abstract of GB2434321
A golf bag 10 comprises a housing with an opening to allow access to an interior thereof, wherein an upper part 22 of the housing is moveable between contracted (Figure 5) and extended positions so that the length of the bag 10 may be varied. The housing part 22 may be held in the extended or retracted position by a deformable member 60 gripping a hollow shaft 52 and being operable by a toggle-action lever 28. Also disclosed is a club head support for the golf bag (see figure 6).



July 2007

Abstract of WO2007079573
The golf putter (1) has at least one and preferably three beams (9, 10), preferably laser, projecting from the front face (6) of the putter, spread vertically. In one embodiment, a single laser (20) is centrally mounted, to project a beam over the top of a ball (2) positioned at the desired impact point on the face of the putter. In another embodiment, two lasers (20) are mounted to project parallel beams (9) on either side of a ball positioned at the desired impact point on the face of the putter. In a preferred embodiment, there are three lasers (20), namely one projecting a beam (10) over the top of the ball, and two projecting parallel beams (9) on either side of the ball. Preferably there are two switches (11) in the grip (5) of the putter, with the light source(s) being powered only when both switches are pressed.




July 2007

Abstract of US2007161470
A golf swing muscle strengthener apparatus ( 90 ) for strengthening the muscles used in the downswing of the golf swing. The apparatus includes a swing plane adjustment element ( 50 ) secured at an adjustably elevated position above the ground by a frame element ( 20 ) and support arm element ( 40 ). The swing plane adjustment element ( 50 ) houses a swing arm assembly ( 70 ) adjustable to various swing plane positions. The swing arm assembly ( 70 ) is operatively coupled to a resistance means, and has a swing arm ( 63 ) shaped to circumvent the golfer's upper torso and head. The swing arm ( 63 ) exhibits pivotal rotation around a central axis of rotation and has a pad element ( 80 ) attached at its distal end for accepting the golfer's forearm. The golfer's forearm presses against the pad element ( 80 ) at the peak of the backswing, and rotates the swing arm assembly ( 70 ) during the downswing phase of the golf swing.



July 2007

Abstract of corresponding document: WO2006049397
Disclosed herein is an angle adjuster of gold club head which may adjust the angle of the face of golf club head and, more particularly, to an angle adjuster of gold club head wherein the golf club head may be rotated so that the angle of the face of golf club head may be adjusted easily. The angle adjuster of golf club head according to the invention comprises a face 11, a crown 12, a hole 14, an enlarged hole 15, a first irregularity 16, a central shaft 17, a second irregularity 26, a coil spring 40, and a fixing member 50.




July 2007

Abstract of US2007155526
A portable golf practice device is disclosed that is easily transported by the golfer and simulates the response of natural turf when impacted by the club head during a golf swing. The device includes a base extension, which can be unfolded and slid under a platform on which the golfer stands, for maintaining stability during use. The device includes a simulated turf surface fitted in a tray. The tray rests on a base member. When a golf ball placed on the simulated turf surface is struck by a golf club, the tray and the simulated turf surface are driven forward. Means are provided to return the tray and the simulated turf surface to their original position. In its travel configuration the device folds into a compact form similar to a slim briefcase


Acushnet Putter

Abstract of US2007155537
A golf club head is disclosed. The golf club head includes a first body member and a second body member. The first body member includes a strike face and a top portion. The second body member is coupled to the first body member and extends away from the first body member in a direction opposite the strike face. At least a top portion of the second body member is camouflaged. A preferred method of camouflage is color differentiation, wherein the second body member is darker than the first body member. Specific color values and club head geometries are also disclosed and claimed. The club head may include a body member and a weight member such as a bar that extends rearward from the body member. A cover may be included to camouflage the weight member. A separate core member and high visibility sight lines may also be provided.

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