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OCT 2006 - APRIL 2007

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Abstract of GB2429926

14th March 2007

A golf ball with a light-emitting module and a control mechanism is proposed in the present invention. The golf ball has a light-permeable inner shelf 1 for packaging a light-emitting module. The light-emitting module 2 includes a timer 23, a battery set 25, and a vibration-sensing switch 24. The timer keeps the light-emitting component emitting light constantly until the period set by the timer expires. The battery set includes a first battery and a second battery. The vibration-sensing switch makes the first battery provide battery power for the timer after sensing vibration. After the timer obtains battery power, the timer makes the first battery and the second battery provide battery power constantly for the light-emitting component until the period set by the timer expires.       Too simple to be true?


8th March 2007


A hollow golf club head with a concave portion is disclosed and claimed. The club head includes a metallic portion and a light-weight portion, which may be formed of plastic, composite, or the like. The concave portion allows the club designer to make a club head having very thin portions while still maintaining the requisite structural integrity. Convex bulges may optionally be provided to house weight inserts to enhance the playing characteristics of the golf club. The metallic portion of the club head may take on the appearance of a frame, into which several light-weight inserts are positioned. These light-weight inserts may be positioned in the crown, skirt, and sole of the club head. The club head may be formed by co-molding, eliminating the need for welding or adhesives, freeing mass to be used in more beneficial ways. The club head may be large to increase playability and forgiveness
 Very Sleek!



 Abstract of US2007054746

March 8th 2007
A golf club of the "driver" type comprising a handle with a rounded end piece. The end piece forms a fulcrum during tee-off.

Probably better at generating blisters than long drives me’ thinks!













Abstract of WO2007011159

25th Jan 2007

A golf ball-lifting apparatus includes: a golf ball carriage for holding the golf ball; a power supply device assembled with the golf ball carriage; and a carrier part for moving up the golf ball carriage and the power supply device to a predetermined height from a ground, wherein the power supply device supplies power to the carrier part, and the apparatus can be put in the hole cup. The apparatus does not require a cumbersome job of digging a hole into the ground in order to install the apparatus. By the apparatus, the golfers need not bow to pick up the golf ball from the hole cup.
Should be installed on The Old Course at St.Andrews straight away.



Abstract of US2007054747

8th March 2007
A golf cub comprising a head, a shaft assembly and a shaft attachment assembly. The head includes a body which includes a face and a back. The shaft assembly includes a shaft member. The shaft attachment assembly includes a primary plug assembly. The primary plug assembly includes a primary plug to which the shaft member is attached, and, a member which facilitates rotatably positioning of the primary plug relative to the back of the head, to, in turn, vary the angle of the shaft member relative to the back of the head.

Definately adjustable clubs are coming more onto the market!






Abstract of US2007054753

8th March 2007 TaylorMade
An golf club head is provided, having enhanced sound and feel characteristics. The club head has a hollow main body including a ball-striking face, a sole, a crown, a hosel, and a side portion extending rearwardly from the face. The body further includes a heel region adjacent to the hosel and a toe region opposing the heel region, and it defines a volume of at least 100 cc. The club head further includes a stiffening member disposed within the body and attached to both the sole and the crown. The member is spaced apart from the striking face and disposed within the body in a region having a first zone extending less than half the distance from the heel region to the toe region and a second zone extending less than half the distance from a rearmost point, thereby forming a local stiffness zone in the body to influence vibration modes and acoustic properties of the club head in a prescribed manner.

Interesting that TaylorMade are working on making clubs sound better!



Abstract of GB2429927

14th March 2007
The invention provides a golf putter (100) having a putter head (1) and a shaft (3) in which the putter head has ball striking and side surfaces, (4 and 7) respectively, that are perpendicular to each other and to the ground when the head is in a ball-striking position. The side face extends rearwardly from the heel end (6) of the ball striking face, so that it faces a player facing the side of the club. The shaft extends upwardly from the head and towards the player passing through a plane that contains the plane of the side face. The head when in the ball striking position and when seen in plan view from above is preferred to be of substantially right angled triangular form. The putter head may be formed of a first plate-like member (13) bearing the ball striking face and a secod plate-like member (14) bearing the side face. A gusset (16) may be provided between and secured to the members (13 and 14).

Might be quite interesting to give it a try!




Abstract of US2007010342

11th Jan 2007

A ballistic trajectory method for a golf ball is disclosed wherein a ballistic trajectory of a golf ball having a plurality of dimples formed on the surface thereof when the golf ball is hit to fly at an arbitrary number of rotations and an arbitrary initial speed can be estimated and ballistic trajectory and flight characteristics of the golf ball can be evaluated without depending upon experimental evaluation which is based on an actual model thereby to allow a golf ball to be developed efficiently. The ballistic trajectory of the golf ball when the golf ball is hit to fly is estimated by successively calculating the flight distance and the height of the ball after every lapse of a very short period of time after the ball is hit to fly until it drops to the ground making use of arithmetic operation by a computer.

Another simple idea from the rocket scientists of this world



Abstract of US2007042832

22nd February 2007
A golf club that includes a shaft that extends linearly along a first axis, an elbow portion attached to an end of the shaft and an arc-like shaped extension that is attached to the elbow portion and a club head that has a sweet spot, wherein the first axis passes through or near a second axis that passes through the sweet spot and extends substantially perpendicular to a striking face of the club head.

Hmmm...have at look at swan neck irons in use about 1900 ...hardly any difference.


 Abstract of US2007042834

22nd Feb 2007

A weight adjustment member may be mounted in a tuning port in a golf club head and secured therein using adhesive. The weight adjustment member includes a lip which prevents excess adhesive from escaping the tuning port and hides adhesive that might otherwise be visible between the weight adjustment member and the tuning port. Locating devices that mate with each other are included in the tuning port and on the weight adjustment member. A method of mounting the weight adjustment member in the tuning port of a golf club head is also provided

More adjustment facility for the golfer.


 Abstract of US2007032313

Karsten MFG CORP


8th February 2007
A golf club head is formed of a hollow body, the rear body portion of which includes a metallic stringer that extends along the crown-skirt interface and a plurality of ribs intersecting the metallic stringer to form a lattice frame, the openings of which are filled with an organic composite material such as graphite epoxy. An additional aperture formed in the skirt is also filled with the same graphite epoxy material. Because the graphite epoxy is lighter than the surrounding metal frame, the rear body portion of the golf club head is lighter than a comparable all metal club head. Yet, the presence of the metallic stringer and frame renders the metal-organic composite rear body portion substantially stiffer than a comparable all-composite rear body portion.

New PING driver coming right up.



 Abstract of correspondent: US2005137024

Nike Inc

18th Dec 2006
A golf club head is disclosed that includes a weight integral to a bridge member extending across a cavity back golf club head. The weight modifies a position of a center of gravity of the golf club head. The weight is independently movable in multiple directions to further vary the center of gravity of a golf club head.

Even more the re-occuring theme.


Abstract of US7172517

6th February 2007
A novelty golf club, such as a putter, having a head and a shaft. The upper end of the shaft has a hollow, tubular grip section below which is a transparent tubular viewing section. Graphics are displayed on the viewing section. The upper section of the shaft is filled with a fluid. A sleeve is reciprocal within the fluid and has a specific gravity less than the fluid so that when the club is inverted the sleeve is located behind the graphics to obscure viewing of the graphics. When the club is inverted to a playing position, the sleeve, due to its buoyancy, will "float" to a position within the grip to allow viewing of the graphics.

Brilliant! ...just like those pens with scantily clad ladies on that you can buy in Amsterdam...I believe.



 Abstract of US2007012388


18th Jan 2007

A shaft protecting portion of a head cover is formed of a knit fabric, having a head inlet/outlet opening at a lower portion thereof. An opening/closing portion, which is open at the head inlet/outlet opening, is formed in a lower portion of the shaft protecting portion. A diameter of the head inlet/outlet opening is increased owing to expansion of the knit fabric when the opening/closing portion is opened by hand, and the diameter of the head inlet/outlet opening is automatically reduced (i.e., restored to the former diameter) when the opening/closing portion is released so that the head cover can be easily put on the head. After the head cover has been put on the head, there is no fear of the head cover being detached from the head even if the opening/closing portion is not locked by a stopper such as a fastener or a planar fastener.
A complex solution to a common problem


Abstract of US2007015607

18th Jan 2007
A magnetic cover for a golf club iron has a surface adapted to conform to at least one plane of a face of a head of the golf club iron. In one embodiment, the magnetic cover has a first layer comprising a magnetic material and a second layer comprising a non-magnetic material. In one embodiment, the magnetic cover has at least one curved surface adapted to conform to at least one of an edge of the face, a sole of the head, and a top of the head.
Who says adverts are everywhere these days??

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