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OCT 2006 - APRIL 2007



A putter-type club head having a body and a peripheral mass belt is disclosed herein. The body is preferably composed of an aluminum alloy. The body includes a face portion, a crown portion, a sole portion and a column portion. The crown portion and the sole portion extend rearward from the face portion. The peripheral mass belt includes a central mass portion, a heel arc member and a toe arc member. The face portion, the crown portion, the sole portion and the peripheral mass belt define a central aperture, which separates the crown portion from the sole portion and the face portion from the central mass portion. The crown portion preferably has an alignment means thereon for aiming a golf ball during putting.

Building on the design of the popular 2-ball putter Callaway Golf Company have incorporated a peripheral “mass belt” feature. The sleek lines are sure to be popular.  




16th MARCH 2006 NIKE INC.

“Ball striking devices, such as golf club heads (including putter heads), have a high moment of inertia about their center, to help prevent twisting and mis-hits, particularly when the ball striking device hits the ball at a somewhat off center position. The ball striking head of the ball striking device may be structured and/or weighted (optionally with separately attachable weight elements) to have a moment of inertia about a center of the ball striking surface of at least 10,000 g/cm”

Nike Golf’s new design for a putter head with a very high moment of inertia is designed to prevent club head twisting and mis-hits. Once the pro’s start using it we’ll all be clammering for one.






A golf putter grip is disclosed allowing parallel hand, thumb and thumb pad positioning on the grip and promoting a geometrically correct triangular formation of the shoulders, arms and hands which facilitates a one piece pendulum movement during a putting stroke. A lower surface of the grip may include paintfill lines to allow quick, easy and repeatable positioning of a golfer's hands on the grip.

Simple, logical and elegant. Could be a real winner.





23rd February 2006

A generally cylindrical substantially solid body golf putter head is provided having a striking portion and two concave ends, with a body having a diameter that is slightly less than the diameter of a golf ball. The putter head can also have a flat surface along the top side of the head that contains two elongated cavities each containing an indicator for assisting the golfer's swing. The design of this putter has the further unique feature in that it can be constructed out of a clear material containing indicators and or specialized designs and be used as a teaching aid and or marketing tool. A method for using the golf putter head is also provided.

Will this be the next major breakthrough in putter design?





26th January 2006 ACUSHNET

A high performance golf ball having a reduced overall distance while maintaining the appearance of a high performance trajectory. The golf ball includes a combination of low CoR core and cover materials coupled with a less aerodynamic dimple pattern that achieves a reduction in carry and overall distance of 15 and 25 yards versus a conventional golf ball, while still providing the look, sound, feel and apparent flight of a conventional golf ball. A high performance golf ball having a reduced distance is also achieved by controlling dimensionless coefficients of lift/weight and drag/weight at certain Reynolds numbers and spin ratios for various CoR.

A high-performance ball which flies up to 25 yards less ! ....well, many people have stated that ball flight must be limited if many traditional courses are to remain challenging...




9th March 2006 CALLAWAY GOLF CO.

A method for fitting a golf club head to a golfer is disclosed herein. The method includes determining an optimized face angle for a golfer. The golf club has a club head with a face component, an aft body  and a gasket. The face component has a striking plate portion and a return portion. The aft-body is preferably composed of a crown portion, a sole portion and optionally a ribbon section. The gasket ( 300 ) controls the face angle of the club head ( 42 ). The width of the gasket ( 300 ) varies to provide an open face angle club head, a closed face angle club head, or a neutral face angle club head.

Will it now become common for amateur players to perhaps carry two drivers of the same model, each designed for playing a different shape of shot, as some tour pro’s already do?

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